Physical galleries

If you ever get to Vergennes, Vermont, in the Champlain Valley, (the smallest city in the U.S.), be sure to stop in at the Creative Space Gallery on Main St.  They are carrying my work (paintings and jewelry).  This community is rich with creative people!

Art on Main, in Bristol, Vermont is a great gallery snuggled down in a cozy mountain area.   They are carrying several ivory pieces.  If you are in the area, go check it out!

If you are visiting the other valley (Mad River), make sure to stop to browse in the Waitsfield Artisans’ Gallery.  They hang some awesome art and my jewelry is in the case!

I’m spreading myself thin these days.  Gardening, making art  and jewelry in the beloved studio space here.  The Kestrels are nesting over my head in the rafters, the chickens are happy and roaming about, butterflies and bees are active…. life is so sweet.