I meant to do my work today, but…

Dreaming of working in my studio…..   I still have to do some insulating in the new barn space.  I’m excited to have the well lit, large area to work in.  Being home will be wonderful.  I’ll have to work on disciplining myself to stay focused on my work and not get distracted by what’s outside…chickens scratching in the yard, the cat roaming in and out of the studio,  the call of a bird that I need to run to identify.

It reminds me of a poem:

I meant to do my work today,
but a brown bird sang in the old oak tree,
and crows were chasing an owl in the field,
and all the leaves were calling me…
and the wind sent sighing over the land,
tossing the grasses to and fro, and
the water in the lake held out its
shining hand, so what could I do
but laugh and go?

– Unknown
Meant to do my work today(click on image)

Learning to “see”

After I spend a day in my studio working on a painting, I tend to “see” things in a more critical way. I notice how light falls on an object. I look at how different elements affect one another… like dew pooling on leaves and rain breaking the surface of a body of water, light laying down on rocks. Or the way a Heron cups its wings and brings its gangly body so gracefully to a perch, weightlessly.

Vision is an amazing gift we all take for granted. We see everyday things that we really don’t give our attention to. Like a grand old tree on the side of a road we pass by on our way to some other place each day. Sometimes I stop and investigate. I am always glad I did, no matter how late it makes me for my destination.

All of my life I have looked at things up close. Nature is a mystery that has hooked me and I can’t get enough of it. It makes me travel slowly through life.

I’m working on a series of nests and eggs. When discovering a nest with eggs, I feel the sacredness of its contents. A home. A family. Something is growing. Something is being protected.

Hummer Nest

Reed Nest

Beach Nest

mannequin heads

compblog-head-painting.jpgcompblog-pic-mannequin.jpgpainting the lips(click on thumbnails)

I have been painting mannequin heads and selling them for display models for boutiques and jewelry stores. I buy the blanks, which are fiberglass reinforced plastic, and doll them up. This one measures 17″ high. Circumference of head is 20.5″. Each one is different. This gal has a pale blue-green dress with a v-bodice. She has long dark brown hair, blue eyeshadow, with both painted on and fake eyelashes. She has holes in her ears and can wear earrings.
These mannequins are perfect for any dress shop or private boudoir and can display earrings, necklaces, hats or scarves.